Unable to download new themes via control center

Greetings. I have been a happy user of Kde Neon for about four years and these days I am testing the new Neon Realese with Plasma 6. I would like to point out that I performed a clean installation on a new hdd but right away an anomaly appears when I press the download new button in control center/global themes, these do not react. Tested with two different ISOs: 20240404–0714 and 20240412-1535 but I always get the same result with both X11 and Wayland.
Thank you.

Yes, that is happening since some days after an update. It was working very well but, as I said, after an update it stop working. I don’t remember the package was updated.

It seems the method was not implemented for the Qtwidget pushbutton.

Franco update KDE Neon and problem solved.

Thanks, I checked and now everything is ok. :slight_smile: