Unable to get rid of Unifying Receiver update in Discover

Unifying Receiver shows as having an update in Discover. No matter how many times I click Update All, it does not go away. I also tried sudo apt update on my machine but that didn’t work either.

This is a device firmware update, and is not coming from your distro’s packaging, but from LVFS

You can disable this in Discover’s settings:

You can also try installing the firmware for your Logitech dongle manually:

fwupdmgr update

Ahh. Thank you.

Maybe the update all button in discover should update with fwupdmgr update too? If it’ll show pending updates, it should update them too I think.

Yes, it should, but I think it may be failing to run the update due to a bug of some sort, or isn’t showing that it failed. I have seen others have sporadic issues with this.

There are some bug reports as well.