Unable to switch to another desktop after logging out

I’m on EndeavourOS and I now mainly use Hyprland as I’ve realized that Wayland is the best for my needs. However, I realized I wanted a normal desktop environment alongside it for certain things. So I installed KDE, but I had many issues with it. My main issue was that after logging out of KDE, I could not switch back to Hyprland without first rebooting the computer. Even though that was my main issue, I also had the issue where after putting the computer to sleep, it wouldn’t go back to SDDM, but rather would go to a login screen built into the shell. Is there any way I can fix these issues?

Can you describe this issue in more detail? What exactly happened?

This is intentional; SDDM is a login manager, not a screen locker. When you put the computer, to sleep it locks the screen; it doesn’t log you out completely! That would be quite disruptive.

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To describe the issue more thoroughly,
if I press the log out button while I am in KDE, it sends me back to SDDM as expected. However, if in SDDM, I try to switch my session to a Hyprland session, then it will still log me into KDE instead of Hyprland. To fix this, I have to restart my computer again and log into Hyprland the first time.

Also, is there a way that I can put my computer to sleep and have it just hide the screen instead of going to the lock screen, like how it works with the “sudo systemctl suspend” command?

That’s odd. It sounds like a bug in SDDM to be honest, not a bug in any KDE software.

Yep, you can disable the screen locker. System Settings > Workspace > Screen locking > Uncheck “After waking from sleep”.

Thank you, I have no idea why that issue exists. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it or not use KDE for a while.