Unable to turn on keyboard light on KDE Neon 6.0

Unable to turn on keyboard light on KDE Neon 6.0.

I used to turn on my keyboard backlight LED with `xset led on` in KDE Neon 5.27. However, after switching to KDE Neon 6.0, which has Plasma 6.0.2, I am unable to turn on my keyboard backlight LED. I have tried the following methods:
  • xset ledon
  • xset led -on
  • xset led 3
  • sudo sh -c 'echo 2 > /sys/class/leds/tpacpi::kbd_backlight/max_brightness'
  • sudo ls -d /sys/class/leds/*kbd_backlight
  • xbacklight -set 50

I may try some more methods as well.
But nothing worked for me.

With Plasma 6 the default sesssion is wayland. Are you sure you are on a X11 session?

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Umm, sorry for misunderstanding. I am on a Wayland session on KDE Neon.

Something like xset and xbacklight are commands for X11.
Choose an X11 session at the login screen - if nobody has a solution for Wayland.

Sure, I will keep that in mind if I don’t find any solution. Thanks.

Like schwarzerkater said most commands starting with x work only on X11.

That being said I disagree you should revert to using X11. There might be solutions to your problem. Is there a reason you used those terminal commands instead of keyboard shortcuts to turn your keyboard backlight on?

There might be some dbus commands that do this on the terminal (haven’t looked into this yet).

Please tell us what you want to achieve, not how you want to achieve it, so this doesn’t turn into a X/Y problem.

Sorry again for my unclear description and late reply.

I just want to turn on my keyboard backlight LED. It’s turned off by default in this OS, but I have a key on my keyboard to toggle it on and off. However, that button only works properly on Windows. When I switched to Linux, the button didn’t work.

After that, I used to turn it on with xset led on, but on Wayland, I am totally unable to turn on my backlight LED. What should I do?

Thank you again!

You could try it with brightnessctl, that should be in the neon repos and should work on wayland.

Best solution would probably to fix your keys.
Is this a laptop keyboard or an external keyboard? If you know the vendor/name of you keyboard please also mention that.

What is the output of ls /sys/class/leds

The output of ls /sys/class/leds is as follows:

input6::capslock  input6::compose  input6::kana  input6::numlock  input6::scrolllock

I am using a custom PC, not a laptop, and my keyboard is the iMICE AN300. You can find it on Amazon at the following link: iMICE Waterproof Backlight Gaming Keyboard.