Unbound window borders and reset window arrangement

After latest update I found the WINDOWS function implemented, which change the size of both windows e. g. if there sized to left and right half of screen. Hopefully it is possible to understand what I mean, since I don’t know how to call this function.

This function is completely nonsense for KDE since it is possible to catch window borders during resizing. And the implementation is even worse than in WINDOWS. Now it is not possible to automatically size a window in middle of screen, since new windows always use the last setting, even in new workspaces and if resizing at one workspaces all windows of other workspaces resize as well.

How is it possible to get previous behavior back?

Thank you in advance.

Nope. I doubt you can turn it off . It’s yet just another “novelty” implementation that is completely useless. Instead of holding on to Bismuth tiling, they went for the Windows Exquisite feature. So now you can’t tile and, since it’s not even a finished feature, there are no settings for it. A simple shortcut to launch a predefined layout ( of active windows) would be helpful, but no, not existing. Imho opinion, kde has a nose for reinventing a variety of wheels and make them square. I tried a couple of other “tilers” but they either conflict or whatever. Bismuth was nearly perfect and I had it set 90% mouse controlled with a couple of application shortcuts. Can’t do that anymore. There are a bunch of those “novelties” that are halfbaked, useless and break a bunch of things. For sure, some third party developers have made really good stuff ( I’m thinking tilers, window decorators, parachute…), but instead of implementing them, making them better, far less good was chosen. But what can you do. It’s the gnomish “my-way-or-the-highway-trend” I guess. But that’s just me.

I would not be able to find better words. You are not alone. Sorry to hear, there is no solution yet.

TILING is the expression I was looking for.

Parachute. In case you don’t know what it was… Much better than the current overview thing gnome clone. But nope…

Ever heard of hotcorners-xd? It’s a small tool that’s been around for a long time and allows you to make custom corner bindings. Besides that it, not only allows all sorts of executables for the corners ( something you have to install a special script for in kde) it also comes with skippy-xd. Skippy dates back to…2005-ish. And they STILL work, even on kde! Go figure.

If you’ve accidentally moved the center line and want to get your tiling back to 50/50 quickly: open 2 tiled Konsoles, then start moving the center line. Both will be giving live hints on their character sizes, making it easy to find the “center” again.

Parachute and similar programs is not exactly what I need. I use the tiling function to arrange windows positions and sizes. For example on first workspace a browser in the left third of the screen, a file browser in the right top corner and a media player in the right bottom corner, on second workspace a table editor on the top third of the screen, a document editor on the left half and a pdf on the right half. Sometimes I have way over 4 windows on one screen (I use a big screen). The former tiling function allowed me to preset a position and size and I just had to rearrange the size. This is now quite time consuming if I want to hit the exact position.

To find the center is not the deal. There is a function “Einrasthilfe” (in German), which can be activated in the regular scope of settings. There is also a build in feature at the corner behavior settings which gives you an overview of open windows.