Under what criteria KDE's discover include applications?

Sorry I’m not sure sure how to ask this, I’m trying to understand how does discover offer applications, or what’s the criteria for a program to be included in discover?

I’m using debian and I noticed that discover doesn’t offer all programs that are available from debian’s repo (by using apt package manager)
I also see that discover is not limited only to KDE programs, for instance there are programs like gimp or password safe.
Unless wrong I also see that discover is limited to GUI programs only?

So what criteria determines if some program is in discover?

Yes, tools like Plasma Discover (and Gnome Software) show mainly GUI desktop applications, by design.

Packages need to have Appstream metadata available that provides information that can be used by Discover to filter for desktop applications.

Yes, this is correct. It isn’t desired to leave out useful desktop applications :wink:

Discover is more of an app store, and is not a package manager, and isn’t designed to have this functionality. It is designed to be a desktop application installer (mainly), useful on any type of distro. There are useful GUI tools available for advanced package management in Debian, such as Synaptic and Muon.


they seem to be a curated list of GUI applications from the debian repositories (and likely some others thrown in as well depending on your distro).

i’ve not found any command line or utility type packages using discover, for those i use synaptic to search.

also the order results are shown are not intuitive or clear and there seems to be no way to filter/sort the results how you might want to.

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