Unexpected "Capture Rectangular Region" behaviour near the bottom of the screen

When using the “Capture Rectangular Region” mode in Spectacle, the toolbar does not dodge the window edges and instead goes off screen. This is an issue when screenshotting something near the bottom of the screen since there is no way to click the save or copy buttons.

I’ll apologize in advance for the phone picture of the issue but it’s a little hard to screenshot a bug with your screenshot tool lol

You can see the issue in the above image, the toolbar is bellow the rectangular region which is only just present on the screen - but not enough to be clicked!

This is on the Latest KDE Wayland - When I was on X11, I used Flameshot which would keep the toolbar on screen at all times. It would also allow ctrl+c shortcut when an area was selected to quickly copy the screenshot to the clipboard. That would be an amazing feature for Spectacle.

I cannot reproduce the issue - for me the capture toolbar moves to the top of the capture area when moving the capture area to the bottom of the screen.

Which version of Plasma / Spectacle are you using?

I think I’ve potentially pinpointed it - my monitors are set up in the following configuration:


The toolbar disappears on the left most screen when screenshotting near the bottom but on the right most screen the toolbar moves around to avoid disappearing. Maybe there’s a naive check that assumes display height happening?

I’m on KDE 6.0.3 and Spectacle 24.02.1

Right - I can reproduce when not all screen share the same baseline. This looks like this bug report: 468794 – Rectangular Region toolbars can appear off screen on multi-screen setup where not all screens share a baseline

It’ll be a good idea to comment and subscribe there to be notified when it is fixed.