Unified Dictionary/Ignored Words (Spell Check)


I’m new here and am migrating from too many years of Windows to Linux and KDE. So far my journey has been a blast! Love how configurable everything is and the KDE suite of apps are stellar.

In continuing my journey, I’m trying to make my spell checking less laborious.

For me, it appears the system dictionary being used by KDE is hunspell. In various programs, like the awesome KWrite and Firefox, I have added words to the dictionaries (by clicking Add to Dictionary and similar in these programs). However, it appears each program has its own dictionary, so one winds up doing this over and over ad nauseam for every application.

In investigating further, it appears KDE has a built in Spell Check/Ignored Words list in System Settings, Personalization, Regional Settings and Spell Check, but it doesn’t appear many apps actually use this, if any.

On my system, it appears KWrite’s personal/Ignored Words dictionary is at ~/.hunspell_en_US, Firefox’s is at ~/.mozilla/firefox/[profilename].default/persdict.dat, LibreOffice keeps this yet somewhere else and none of these integrate with the built in KDE Ignored Words list I noted above.

So, can someone more versed here hit me with a clue stick and tell me how I can get all of these to use a unified Ignored Words list?

Cheers, and thank you!