Uniform display of varying size images and videos


I’m pretty new to Kdenlive and would like to know whether there is a way of setting images and video to a uniform size and position on the screen regardless of their resolution?

Currently I’m adding a transform and crop effect to each image/video individually and then resizing and moving them, which makes it impossible to copy and paste the effect. If possible I’d like to move all images I add to the left side of the screen and resize them to fill around 600 pixels and be centered on that section while maintaining their aspect ratio.

If all else fails, one solution would probably be to resize all the images I have, but I’m hoping for a solution within Kdenlive.

I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do but you could add the Transform effect to the track where all of your clips will be added to. Please note that doing so will result in the strange phenomenon of clips “disappearing” when moved with a clip-specific transform effect outside of the window defined by the transform effect at the track level.

Can you explain why this is the case? You can copy and paste all of the effects of a clip to other clips. Or you save the effect stack as a Custom effect in your effects list and use it on other clips.


Thanks for your response and apologies for the delay in reply.

I realise I didn’t really finish my thought on that one. What I meant is it’s impossible to paste the effects without having to make all the adjustments again, so in the end I’m just saved from having to add the effects to each clip.

To better explain myself, I have images of varying quality (vastly different resolutions) that I want to display on the left of the screen. If I divide the screen into three columns, I’d like each image to be at the center of the left most column and each image should fill that column.
Some of the images would be too far zoomed in when displayed at their original size, but they would also not fill the entire column if I resize them to fit the width or height of the screen. Usually fitting the height with a 10-20% zoom would do the trick.
I think the only part I’m really struggling with is the alignment - getting the images in the middle of the left column in a simple and scalable way. I can achieve everything else with the transform effect.

Edit: It seems that when I paste the transform effect, it doesn’t actually do the operation fit to width or height, but instead only applies the level of zoom and all the other properties that have been adjusted. So would have to figure out how to do that as well.
If all else fails, I’ll just do each image individually :+1:

Sorry for spamming this thread.

Instead of Transform, Pan and Zoom seems to be the better effect to use to position and resize the images for my use case. Seems like I can’t get away from adjusting images individually, so that’s what I’ll do :ok_hand: