Univeral Theming system for KDE?

There was some ideas on
implementing an universal theming engine that can theme apps and plasma together: ⚓ T13467 Theming in Plasma 6

Now that Plasma 6 is released, have there been any development regarding this? It would be a really cool feature to have, especially since the recent - em… scandal? - regarding Global Themes executing arbitary scripts

Yep, this is in progress! It’s been reported in some of the recent weekly Plasma meetings. Nothing user-facing yet since it’s still in heavy development.


That’s great to hear! Its much earlier than I expected, specially since all the work needed for Plasma 6 release. By the way, thanks for all the work on Plasma, its been just excellent lately.

Hopefully the new engine isn’t SVG based like current Plasma Themes, 'cause they feel like much more grunt work relative to something like CSS.

I hope KDE also improves some more modern UI approach with smooth corners, MD3 design, etc .
Personally I don’t care much about the UI, though occasionally I check out other distros with appealing UI and blur things which attracts users from using proprietary OSes. Not something important immediately, but it’ll be helpful for many. Round corners etc can be set as optional in UI / theme settings.