Unsupported video codec: libwebp

Hi. I want render my video to webp, but when i choose Images sequence/webp, kdenlive tells me “Unsupported video codec: libwebp”.

I tried to replace ffmpeg in \kdenlive\bin with

ffmpeg-master-latest-win64-gpl.zip (github BtbN)


ffmpeg-2024-03-14-git-2129d66a66-essentials_build (gyan.dev/ffmpeg/builds/)

But it didn’t change anything.
I tried config wizard.
If i use ffmeg in terminal (.\ffmpeg.exe -i .\1.mp4 -vcodec libwebp -lossless 0 -q:v 70 -loop 1 test2.webp) it’s work.
If i create new present render - kdenlive just not showing in codec list libwebp or something like.

Windows 10 Home 22H2
Kdenlive 24.02