Update tray icon no longer shows popup

What happened to the popup for the update tray icon, why does it open discover winow instead, this seems like a regression to me… Why is it happening?

would it be possible to switch back to the old behavior?

Sounds like you or your distro replaced plasma-pk-updates with Discover.

how do i fix this? it does not appear in my package manager.

Then it looks like your distro dropped that package, which would explain why it got replaced with something else.

could i force it back in with an rpm or would that just not work.

That would be a question for your distro. Presumably they had a good reason for dropping the old thing.

thank you, I will have an update once i get more info in-case they have an issue to report

here is what i was told, does this match up at all

here is some more info,
(see post number 4)

Yes, they are right. You can see the list of requirements for building it in CMakeLists.txt · master · System / Plasma PackageKit Updates · GitLab

I think i found the problem

They only have it set to build for OpenSUSE, Leap, not Tumbleweed. Perhaps someone with access to the OBS account owning this package could fix the issue

Friendly advice: if you are not experienced enough with OpenSUSE, don’t use the OBS, you will break your system sooner than you can imagine. Not even the external “Packman” repo is safe as it desyncs (or is not updated fast enough) often telling you about package conflicts. If you make a mistake there prepare for Rollbacks, which I don’t trust that much personally to begin with (if you make much damage in various configuration places).


thank you for the caution, I guess I will just have to wait until it is re-added as a package

I love Conky. Just a bitty transparent section on the desktop - tells me when RTCWake is enabled, reads my last Back-in-time datestamp, and checks updates:

conky.text = [[${execi 3600 checkupdates | wc -l} Updates!]];