Upgrade gone wrong

Had upgrade warning Ubuntu, that said support for only 88 more days. Ran update to v23.04, followed (few) steps and now (attached) is result! Did I kill my system? If so, why the pressure to upgrade???

Sounds like an Ubuntu-specific packaging upgrade issue; nothing to do with KDE. I’d recommend that you contact the Kubuntu folks on a Kubuntu- or Ubuntu-specific forum.

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Hmm, I thought Kubuntu was KDE. The notice appeared and I couldn’t get rid of it, where I recall getting it. Oh well, I will try to find that forum.

Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE software pre-installed. But it’s Kubuntu itself that’s the distro, and the distro is responsible for packaging and updates.

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Have you tried running startx or startplasma-wayland from that console (tty)? It might just be that sddm has died.