Us intl keyboard

Hi! Given we’re moving away from X11, I would love to not depend on XCompose to have the keyboard layout I wish KDE Plasma 6 came with by default: US Intl, specifically, this one: GitHub - raelgc/win_us_intl: Windows™ US International XCompose for Linux

Right now, the fix is to set the $HOME/.XCompose file as described in the repo, but some Flatpak apps that don’t have access to the $HOME folder can’t read the file, so they end up using the US keybord.

And before you ask: no, “English (US, intl., with dead keys)” is not the same. As the repo states:

Latin speakers (spanish, brazilian-portuguese) using a US International keyboard layout faces a different behavior from Windows™ to Linux.

How could this keyboard layout be implemented into Plasma? Or does it need to be somewhere else?

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I can´t answer your question. But I us, actually, now, Kubuntu 24.04 Noble and write (as I always do) with that keyboard (ßüöäçàùéèêïë«»¿¡ etc…) being present on my PC as hardware (Fujitsu Siemens US INTL).

If I good remember, the installation was proposed by the Ubuntu installer after selecting the keyboard family “US”.

In some other linux distros I have to enter

setxkbmap us intl

in some session manager’s start script (~/.config/xfce/etc/etc/ofthatthe.config). this is also a good and flexible method (it seems to be possible to enter more than only one keyboard and a commutation method like using CTRL+SHIFT with that way, for ex. to write US INTL, IN and IN TAM for Indian people writing English, other European tongues and more than one Indian tongue), but I don’t know the exact options to enter to do that to admit more than one unique keyboard and you have to find an adequate start script (first problem) and where it is hidden (linux, linux, linux; what a chaos…)! I find the documentation of setxkbmap to cryptic for a light daily use!

If I understand correctly, you’re using multiple keyboard layouts with a US ANSI keyboard. That’s a great alternative, but not what I’m proposing.

I’m saying to add a new layout that seems to only be present in Windows.