Use Krunner to seemlessly switch between applications

I wanted to make use of krunner to seemlessly shift betwen open windows across multiple desktops. I know I can currently do this but I have to write window to do that which tbf is convenient but can I not use ‘.’ for example instead of this or any other simple solutions.

I found this: KRunner - ArchWiki but having a disclaimer there seems to deter me from trying this.

System Properties:
Fedora 38 SPIN
KDE Plasma 5,27,9

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I use the Window view to do that :
Shortcut (whatever you want)
Type a string (the app name, the window you want)

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The shortcut (in settings) is called “Toggle Overview” (KWin) and default shortcut I think is meta + w
You can start typing immediately after meta + w, the searchbox is selected. :slight_smile:

And make sure you have Overview activated in Desktop effects. You can also change the shortcuts from here.

@aakarshmj I’ve got your back on this one…
‘present windows - all desktops’

I find it nicer with CtrlSpace

it’s my favourite switcher and the default (Ctrl+F10) sucks… so bind it to something handy.

I have Overview on MetaZ and Present was on MetaX

For sure, a shortcut like . or even w<space> would be nicer for krunner, like we can do with web shortcuts… it should be definable. It was a blind spot for me, I never think to use krunner for this job now (though this is where it SHOULD be done).

However, improving the krunner tool looks like a top candidate for a MUST HAVE - typing ‘windows’ is insane.

But this is why we love Plasma, 40 ways to kill a cat, but you can’t find one when you need it :")))))


Yes, a big bonus here is that if you have a dolphin window with - hmmmm let’s see, you opened your ~/.config/fish folder there on another desktop.

You can do Ctrl_Space sh and it’s there.

Compared to this, Overview just sux :wink:

This won’t pull up a window on your other desktops…