Use kscreen-doctor to set geometry


I am using Fedora 38 on Wayland. I need to switch a secondary monitor on and off using shortcuts, and kscreen-doctor seems to fix the bill.

I can successfully turn outputs on and off, however this seems to reset the geometry (as in screens now copy each other). Yet while I can see “Geometry” in kscreen-doctor output I can’t find a way to set it at all.

The output for DP-3-3 says: Geometry: 0,0 2560x1440

I need the screen to start at 1920,0 instead of 0,0, so I try commands…

$ kscreen-doctor output.DP-3-3.Geometry 1920,0
Unable to parse arguments: output.DP-3-3.Geometry
$ kscreen-doctor output.DP-3-3.Geometry.x 1920
Unable to parse arguments: output.DP-3-3.Geometry.x

How do I actually make DP-3-3 start at 1920,0 in this example, so that the other screen is “to the left” of it and not copying it?

…or maybe I should just use xrandr? It seems to work, as in

$ xrandr --output DP-3-3 --pos 1920x0

There is an example in kscreen-doctor -h you use position instead of Geometry:

Position the hdmi monitor on the right of the laptop panel
$ kscreen-doctor output.HDMI-2.position.1280,0 output.eDP-1.position.0,0