User action mime types globbing

I have trying to convert my long list of Thunar custom user actions over to Krusader, but I’m finding the documentation for the ActionMan is not very verbose.

I’ve figured out most of what I need, but I’m hung up on mimetypes. If I create a user action using the Service Menu creator, it allows me to use mime globbing.


Unfortunately this is not working using the ActionMan editor. I’m able to add every single mime type or filename extension individually to only have the action shown when it’s appropriate, but I find it hard to believe such an advanced tool doesn’t support globbing.

Is there a syntax I’m missing? I’ve looked at the shared actions on, but I couldn’t find anything that helped.


I think I dug the answer.

Apparently the service menu actions use the .desktop file specification which indeed supports mime type globbing, but it doesn’t appear that ActionMan uses this same specification.

I think the easiest way to add mime type groups is to edit the actions in ~/.local/share/krusader/useractions.xml file directly instead of hand typing the same set over and over in the UI.

I wish there were more resources for user actions. They are so handy, and the ActionMan is far more advanced than what was available in Thunar. Just harder to use and figure out without more examples and guides available.