User Manual in HTML Format

I love using Kdenlive, one of my favourite programs! I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but it would be great to be able to download the user manual in HTML format.

Since the HTML version is already on the web, obviously it is available. It is just a matter of compressing it, and making it available for download.

I am not sure how useful EPUB is. I have always had trouble opening and viewing those files in the past.

You can create it at Either clone and ‘make’ it locally, or use online colab, e.g. code:

!git clone
!python3 -m pip install --upgrade sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme
%cd docs-kdenlive-org
!make html
!zip -r build/html/
from google.colab import files"")

The zip file is about 196MB. Unzip it to your drive and then open index.html and it should function like the online manual.

Thanks for that. However, it would be easier for most users, to be able to click on a link on the Kdenlive documentation page, and simply download a zip file, especially if they are not tech savvy and not into scripting, etc. But this is also useful.

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