Using Brave-Browser - no bookmarksearch available with Krunner

Hello all,

i use here KDE Neon 22.04. Until some time ago I use Google Chrome, now I have installed Brave browser for a while.

Except for browsing bookmarks via Krunner or via the main menu, the browser integrates very well.

Does anyone know what might be missing so that the bookmarks of Brave are also found with Krunner? After all, it is also Chrome.

Thanks and best Regards

Brave is not chrome. It’s chromium based. Anywho, krunner goes for web stuff in the browser which is set as default.
Edit: Kinda missed the bookmark part. I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s available for a couple of browsers. Brave being one. Again, could be wrong.

Thanks for the Info. Yes Brave is set as default. But apparently Brave works differently with bookmarks. Does this work with Chromium, after all it is only available as a snap in Neon. Haven’t tested that yet. But I’m not a big friend of Snap + web browser.

No idea, don’t use snap myself, but highly doubt it. There’s also no point installing the plasma integration extension on chromiums since they don’t provide bookmarks integration. They do provide the ( useless imo) tab integration. Personally I have no need for that particular bookmark function in krunner but if I recall correctly, it’s made for konqueror although there might be a Firefox plugin available.

Yes you are right. It works on

  • Google-Chrome
  • Firefox (not Snap)
  • Chromium (In the past, as there was still a DEB package in Ubuntu)
  • Konqueror (don’t know)