Using KDE connect with bluetooth to my android phone

Occasionally, I would like to use my laptop in a public or a guest wifi network, which typically block devices from accessing each other directly. This means that KDE connect cannot work through the network, so I was thinking maybe Bluetooth will do the job, since you can make a low-power network connection between the two devices.

I found a few reddit threads talking about it here… it seems that KDE connect does have some kind of support for bluetooth, and from what I can tell in the comments people have gotten it to work… but I have no idea how I can get it to work. I tried pairing and connecting my phone to my laptop, and the connection does work, and audio even pipes through to my laptop. But the devices don’t see each other with KDE connect. I also tried enabling Bluetooth tethering on my phone, thinking that it might allow for a PAN network to be established, but that didn’t work either.

I am running KDE on Manjaro Linux on a Dell XPS 9360, and I am using Plasma v5.27.10 and KDE Connect 23.08.3

Well I figured it out, took me a while to realize that I should be using the Networks widget, not the bluetooth widget, to get the PAN feature working.

The correct option to use is “Bluetooth Tethering” in the Android phone. This lets you connect to the phone from the laptop using PAN. Then, you can connect to the phone by clicking on the Networks widget in the panel and connecting with bluetooth

It seems smart enough to use the Wifi as the main network for internet, and only use bluetooth for networking for KDE Connect. So that’s good :slight_smile: