Using kdesrc-build, components cannot find KSVG

I’m trying to build Plasma 6 using kdesrc build, but a lot of components fail to find other components. In this case I want to talk about KSVG (if we solve this and I have issues with other components - maybe I’ll be able to figure it out as well).

KSVG was definitely built - kdesrc-build said so, and I can also see it installed in ~/kde/usr:

$ find ~/kde/usr -name ksvg*

But when kdesrc-build builds kirigami-addons, I get this in the CMake log:

Installing in /home/odeda/kde/usr. Run /home/odeda/kde/build/libraries/libs/kirigami-addons/ to set the environment for kirigami-addons.
-- Could NOT find KSvg (missing: KSvg_DIR)

Any idea what I’m missing?

Can you see if ~/kde/usr/lib64/cmake/KF6Svg/ exists? :slight_smile:

The KSvg CMake files are installed into ~/kde/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cmake/KF6Svg

KSVG is not marked as a dependency of kirigami-addons in the build metadata, so probably kirigami-addons was built before ksvg?

kirigami-addons was actually built after ksvg - kdesrc-build --list-build shows this:

 ── prison : master
 ── ksvg : master
 ── plasma-framework : master
 ── kcalendarcore : master
 ── purpose : master
 ── kmime : kf6
 ── ktextaddons : master
 ── ktexttemplate : master
 ── libkdegames : master
 ── ktexteditor : master
 ── kstatusnotifieritem : master
 ── akonadi : kf6
 ── kirigami-addons : master

The kirigami-addons build failed, so nothing after that was built - but KSvg was still built…