V-Log and LUT - has anyone had good experiences with it?

has anyone already had good experiences with V-Log (Panasonic Lumix) or comparable professional image profiles?

I received the Kdenlive update Kdenlive 24.02.2 today - a huge step in the stability of “Apply LUT”.

It now seems worthwhile to embark on this adventure.
It would be very nice if we could exchange experiences here.

Apply LUT works, but the message appears from time to time:

Does anyone know what this means?

Are you using a 3D LUT file that fits the 3D LUT file structure?

I use this profile, it seems to be a 3-D.

Vlog_to_V709_forV35_ver100.cube by panasonic

Now I notice that the new version 24.02.2 also freezes from time to time when I use Apply LUT.

Kdenlive no longer freezes when I experiment with the “Apply LUT”, I had probably used unsuitable profiles. Now everything is as it should be.

Do you know whether it is absolutely necessary to use a LUT? Can’t you do it all yourself with levels and saturation? Or can LUTs do even more?