Variable speed for one clip

I’m looking for a solution to speed up and speed down one clip from 100% to 1000%. The goal is not to have a harsh cut. I knew about the variant cutting the clip and setting the speed to 1000% of the second clip via context menu. I’m looking for an ease-in and ease-out function, that can speed up the clip with a function from 100% with multiple steps in between up to 1000% (like a gaining speed curve with flat start and flat end). I was unable to find a filter for this. I there any technique that enables me to do so in kdenlive?

Time Remap might do this but you need to wait for the next release of Kdenlive as this will bring anim curves to effects allowing for ease-in and -out function. AFAIK, it doesn’t allow the curves to be adjusted but at least you can select what type of easing you want (e.g. quadratic, exponential, bounce).

Okay, that’s something. I’ll wait for it. Thank you for your reply.

No worries. And welcome to the forum!