Virtual keyboard on KDE Plasma Wayland


I was wondering if there are mature solutions for working with a touchscreen on KDE. I am using Arch Linux and KDE Plasma on Wayland.

I’ve tried Maliit, but that did not seem to work alongside with Fcitx or non-qt apps. Any recommendations?

Thank you

Maliit is the only choice currently, iirc.


I did install Maliit, but the keyboard will show only when used with the Konsole app. For example it won’t work with web browsers. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue? I did google it and there is bug logged against this issue - [Bug 460537] 460537 – The Maliit virtual keyboard will not automatically pop up when using Firefox until it pops up in another app first) and it is marked as resolved, but it is still not working for me.

Last I checked, it was working fine in firefox and chrome for my Chromebook, either Kubuntu 23.04 or Neon, or both. I am running Fedora atm, as it has audio support ootb for my specific hardware. Maliit is not working well, if at all, there.

I imagine you may need some extra configuration for this in Arch, making sure it is actually running in Wayland proper, etc.


Before I installed Fcitx5, Maliit worked with Konsole, but not with Firefox; After installing Fcitx, it no longer works, even if I quit Fcitx. (Above was tested after changing the virtual keyboard setting to Maliit and rebooted)

I’m using Plasma on archlinux with wayland and so I’m “forced” to use maliit, which seems a deaad project (no commit since March 2023).
I would like, if possible, to have by Plasma mantainers their point of view about the virtual keyboard status expecially due to the fact that valid alternatives (onborad and squeekboard are not supported by plasma under wayland)

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corekeyboard neither, which was very good. In fact its dev had to say:

We thought about that, but wayland keyboard will only work in a specific wayland compositor, like if we based our keyboard on wlroots than corekeyborad will not work on gnome or KDE.
so we didn’t focused on that.

Virtual keyboards + Wayland = unfortunately a very sad story :frowning_face: :sob: