VNC clients (KRDC and Remmina) freeze after short period of usage

I’m using TightVNC on Windows 10 Pro as server (home Wi-Fi), and KRDC or Remmina as clients on Manjaro KDE (Wayland), the connection is working fine, but after certain period of usage (more than 10min) every VNC client I used seems to start to freeze for a moment especially if I scroll fast inside Windows, sometimes only waiting for 10 seconds fixes it and the connection is resumed but the freezing will be repeated again after another period of usage. I tried to lower the quality to medium and poor, but it always freezes.

I tried RDP but it always renders slowly and produces mouse lagging compared to VNC.

Edit: TeamViewer (using exclusive LAN option) seems to be doing excellent work, no lag and smooth scrolling.

No lags here, rdp’ing here to a win10 server. (FreeBSD/x11/krdc).
Have you tested if it lags with xwayland or x11?

iirc something like this starts it (someone correct please if I screwed up here) to see if it’s related to wayland: