Volume control with mousewheel?


I’m using Plasma 6 Wayland and wanted to ask if you know a way to use windowskey + mousewheel up/down to control the volume.

On X11 I used xbindkeys, but on wayland I don’t know any alternative. I tried the KDE “Shortcuts”, but they don’t allow using the mousewheel.

An idea? Should I report that as a feature request for shortcuts?

Hi! It doesn’t look like Plasma supports this in 6.0. However, @fanzhuyifan has recently done a bunch of work on shortcuts involving modifier keys. Yifan, are there current plans for supporting this use case?

I don’t have plans for supporting mouse wheels in shortcuts in the near future. I know @redstrate might be planning to do related things.


Nice I hope they do, I forget what shortcut I wanted to try use the mouse wheel with the other day but it would be great if this was to happen at some point in the future.

Alright thanks, I too hope that gets added! In KDE 5 I used Meta + “Numpad Minux / Plus” as alternative, but that messes me up when switching between Windows and Linux. (Also Numpad shortcuts don’t seem work on KDE 6)

I would love to have this feature too. As for now, I’m using shortcuts meta + f3 and meta+f4 for sound decrease and increase😅 amd memes brightness to meta + f1 and meta + f2

It’s something I could possibly do in next months, but no promises it will happen in 6.1 yet