Wallpaper doesn't stay permanently

I have been trying to set a new wallpaper since the past 5 days. Everyday I set it in the morning when I sit on my PC, and the next day when I open it, after shutting it down the previous night, the wallpaper would have changed to the default one.
This had happened earlier too, when I had been trying to set the former wallpaper around 3 months ago. But I cannot recall how this issue was resolved.

Right now if I drag an image onto desktop and click on “Set as Image”, nothing happens, and when I add the image into the wallpapers tab in Settings, it works, until it changes back to default the next day.

Was one of the “trying” things to edit a file in or under your home directory using sudo?

I asked the same doubt in the KDE Telegram group and the issue was resolved.
The fix was to keep the wallpaper files in the same partition as the OS.

Because I am running dual boot, I didn’t pay attention that I had kept those files in the Windows OS partition.

If your Windows OS partition isn’t automatically mounted it won’t be able to access the files and will revert back to the default. Is that what is happening for you?

i’ve had the same issue on and off with the Blue Curl wallpaper option included in kubuntu…

but only on my 2nd monitor.

it would keep reverting back to the default Honeywave wallpaper on a random basis.

both wallpaper files are on the same partition located in


but the default is buried deeper in a nested set of folders


for some reason… don’t know if that has anything to do with the behavior or why it would.