Wallpaper Submission 01 - Crystal

My first submission is called ‘Crystal’.

Light version:

Dark version:

Made in Blender and rendered with Cycles.
License: CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Feedback is welcome.


I think these are gorgeous - elegant, with nice subtle colors.
I’m surprised how pretty these look for how simple they are.


Here are vertical versions of the wallpaper:




So far yours are the only wallpapers that when Open Link in New Tab they auto download very cool action and surprize also correctly named nice, open to interpretation type wallpapers that you made are awesome looking and the idea love it, Thanks Heaps, Best of Luck.

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Not sure, but I think the auto-download may be a feature from the discuss forum since I attached the images directly into the post instead of uploading to an external cloud service like google drive. Or it may be that the images I uploaded were in webp format instead of jpg or png (webp has smaller file sizes compared with jpg and png). Either way, the auto-download was not intentional from my side but I guess it can be an added convenience :wink:.

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