Wallpaper Submission - Boxes

I had multiple ideas and since we’re allowed multiple submissions I might as well throw out a safe one.

(Most up to date and 5k files can be found here: Boxes Wallpaper – Google Drive )

I’ve been daily driving this wallpaper for multiple months and I gotta say I’ve really grown fond of it. Originally the light version wasn’t this color so I just grabbed the KDE blue and slapped it on, I might have overdone it a bit tho, so any feedback is appreciated!
Actually a fun little detail is since I tiled the boxes using Geometry Nodes in Blender they can bob up and down in a very pleasant way so in case KDE gets animated wallpapers I can see this working very well :stuck_out_tongue:

(I update this post regularly)


Dark version


This looks great, thanks for sharing it!

In my opinion, and I say this only based on my personal taste and preference, the blue is a bit too bright. I would personally prefer if the majority of cubes was a cool off-white/sanded-glass-like colour, with just some of them being bright blue. Do you think that would be doable? I have no comments on the dark version - it looks great the way it is!

So more like this?

Also I noticed I accidentally had a blue light enabled for the light wallpaper, it looked great with the dark version but blue light on blue objects is a bit goofy.


Exactly like that, yes! I like it much much better. I’m going to make this my (Plasma-powered) tablet’s new wallpaper. Thanks!

Wow, thank you so much! It’s an honor having someone use your wallpaper. Also I’m a perfectionist so I’ll keep updating this post until I get something I find perfectly satisfactory.

Oh, I see you updated it again! I actually find the second version to be the best one as it has the best balance between white and blue, but that’s my preference!

I’ll put all the previous versions on my Drive then, so you don’t have to deal with compression artifacts.

I really like these. And for some reason I think those cubes would smell like peppermint. :yum: