Wallpaper Submission: Breezy Oak

Here’s my submission I call Breezy Oak. It’s not at all abstract, but its what came to mind when I read the competition details. All files and versions can be found on my Gitlab repo here. Enjoy!

The wallpaper has the following features:

  • All colors used in each version of Breezy Oak are part of the Breeze color style HIG.

  • Each element of the wallpaper reflects a certain theme or portrays various symbolism:

    • The oak tree represents nature, growth, wisdom, strength, and endurance; which can relate to the trustworthy and personal growth themes.
    • The lone tree represents the reflection of the user: natural (human) branches/roots that brings forth more precise (digital) leaves.
    • The faint spiral, or “bark” of the tree, represents 6 (for Plasma 6) as well as infinity.
  • 2 Versions - Plain background & Canvas background (Landscape & Portrait)

Breezy Oak - LightBreezy Oak - Light

Breezy Oak - DarkBreezy Oak - Dark

Breezy Oak Canvas - LightBreezy Oak Canvas - Light

Breezy Oak Canvas - DarkBreezy Oak Canvas - Dark


very nice, I like it

Thanks! As long as one person out there likes it, it’s a win for me! So thanks for saying so! :smiley:


Nice work :blush::+1: Reminds me at my childhood.

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Very nice! That’s original. The structure reminds me of y2k artworks we used to do back in the days

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