Wallpaper submission - canyons

This is a one of a kind wallpaper that I have made in Krita taking a grey scale picture of a magnified metal after it was broken. I added colour gradients to the to the image and a few random filters if i remember correctly. This was made a while ago for my personal use so I unfortunately do not know where I have the original files. I am not submitting this looking to win but to get it out for people to see and use if they like it



I love this concept, the output looks really nice. The second one looks much better in my opinion though. I really like it. Otherworldly, alien, and not too noisy.

thanks when I made them I was aiming for more of a light and dark theme personally I prefer dark based on my setup but for this very reason i made the lighter one to go with it. if I make any of these again if I find the base files is there any colour pattern suggestions. I do have some others of different break patterns if anyone is interested these were just the two that I felt fit the criteria the most

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