Wallpaper Submission: Circles

Hi All,

This is my first submission for this competition. The wallpaper collection is named Circles, which I think is… appropriate :slight_smile:.

The wallpapers are created using Blender. I initially created a light mode version (yellowish orange) and a dark mode version (dark grey), but I thought something was missing so I also created a KDE blue version of the wallpaper.

I think that it fits the description of being abstract and that it can start a design trend for the following Plasma 6 versions. In addition, I think that the circle can be associated with being stable and dependable as well as familiar and comfortable.

Finally, here are the corresponding vertical versions of the wallpapers:

I hope you like my wallpapers :slight_smile:

The .blend file is available if requested.


really nice stuff! awesome work!

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Thank you for your kind words!

Looks great! Upvoted.

I have an idea how to make it even better – shift the purple circle in to the center to the left in such manner, that purple and blue circles together will blend into a “6” shape.


It’s… different. It’s simple, pretty and upbeat. Love it.


@emvaized Thank you!
I didn’t want to include any references to Plasma or the number 6, following the recommendation in the competition announcement. However I can make one like this if you want to use it.

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@Paul_Brown Thank you. That’s what I was aiming for.

I would advise against adding logos, writing and symbols. They strike me as tacky and out of place.


@raistlindragonl Thanks! I’d love to have such version for personal usage.

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@emvaized Here you are!


Love the blue. Er… My monitor is 5120x1440 (32:9) :grimacing:

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Thank you! Much appreciated :+1:

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I am sorry, I didn’t realize that the horizontal versions have been downscaled.

Here are the full resolution images:

love these! and i could image the left blue circle being a ‘6’ (as in Plasma 6)

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