Wallpaper Submission - Cloth

I am not a designer. After realize that we can make wallpapers with Blender, I wanted to give a try and this is my first contribution!

Light version:

Other resolutions and source: https://github.com/DenysMb/Plasma-6-Wallpapers/tree/main/Cloth-Breeze


Dark version:


Vertical light version:


Vertical dark version:

Looks so nice! Well done.

great work!
you may want to try some basic post processing

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I love this so much, I’m downloading this and using it as my own wallpaper, thank you.

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It looks genuinely excellent, one suggestion I have is that for the dark theme, you rerender the scene with darker colours instead of darkening the image, but apart from that I would actually see myself using this


So instead of just pulling down the brightness (which makes your design look drab), why don’t you make the dark version by changing the colours of the cloths to… you know… darker colours?

Edit: @Just_Kamil said it first!


Yeah, I think that is better when using darker colors instead of decrease the light.

Thank you both (@Just_Kamil and @Paul_Brown) for the suggestion!


Hmm, what if instead of darkening the light you rotate it so it lights this from the side? I think the long shadows this would cause would be perfect for a dark version.

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The shadows seem to be on the dark side and (imo) missing some color, can you try doing softer shadows with a bit of saturation?