Wallpaper Submission - HexaWall

Hello everyone. This is my wallpaper submission. I hope you like it. I sure do.

Wallpaper Name: HexaWall

Light Version:

Link to high resolution images: Album — Postimages




vertical dark:


Sorry this is not the one I wanted to submit. No way to edit reply. Here’s the one I wanted to submit:

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Link to right vertical light: 1 — Postimages

This is one of the best so far.
I’m usually not a big fan of yellow but it doesn’t even bother me this time.
Well done !


Thank you. I really appreciate your kind words.

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Looks nice! Maybe shadows could go for a slightly blue or purple hue to give more contrast to the yellow. The slate color on the dark mode could also use that hue. Still though, pretty good!

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Thanks for the feedback. I will keep this in mind while iterating over it.

Would be cool if the color of the yellow hexagons could somehow follow your accent color :eyes:

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Maybe can be done using qml? Then I have to make it as a qml wallpaper pluign? I never have done these kind of stuffs before but interesting idea. I don’t think it will be accepted though because of performance reasons. Thanks for the cool idea btw.


That would have to be a wallpaper plugin, haven’t done those so I don’t know more about it.


Hmmh, Wouldn’t a wallpaper plugin changing its base colour together with plasma’s “auto accent colour from wallpaper” get into an infinite loop?

But, iirc, you could work around by setting a base colour for
wallpapers and using a RGBA wallpaper with transparent and semi transparents parts.

  1. switch positioning to center or scaled keep proportions
  2. enable solid colour and change to your accent colour
  3. switch back to scale or scale and cropped :slight_smile:
  4. choose RGBA Wallpaper.

This is how it looks like with a blue tint

Here’s a dark one with a reddish tint

Just an idea, hope you don’t mind.


So far, this one looks best to me!

That’s awesome ! Love it

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