Wallpaper Submission - Infinity Mirror

Hi, I wanted to make a wallpaper representing a look to the future and the ability to evolve, with the mirror facing space - an unknown and infinite universe waiting to be discovered (a reference to software, which is constantly being improved).

Link to original files


Added more shaped glare to the stars :star2: :sparkles:


Very nice clean uncluttered design with an option that if someone wanted a logo in the mirror ((softly shaded) not 100% opacity) then that could be, so well done from me.

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Ty! Glad you like it! I hadn’t thought about the logo :thinking:, it was a recommendation not to include text or logos so I didn’t think about it, but it’s a great idea!

Only if they could pick something as a Logo, stick to it and work on developing it,
Less talk more action, there is no lack of artistic talent here, Ugh ! .