Wallpaper Submission - Kite Breeze


I have been very excited to work on this over the past week, and hope that many of you will enjoy it. This wallpaper is based on a wallpaper that has existed since Plasma 5.5.

Name: Kite Breeze

Light Theme:

Dark Theme:

This wallpaper is based on a wallpaper called “Kite”, made by Risto Saukonpää. It was used in KDE Plasma 5.5, in December of 2015. To me, the original is a fantastic wallpaper, which made it difficult to recapture the beautiful nature of it.

More info on the colors, design, etc. can be found in the Gitlab link below.


The original scale images, as well the .blend file can be found on my Gitlab repository. The images are 5120x2880.

Hope you enjoy! :grinning: