Wallpaper Submission - Landscape

To be honest: this is the first submission I would really use as a wallpaper.

Nice colors for light and dark wallpaper. Not too obstrusive and not too boring. Mature.

Very well done!

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Thank you! I’m honored!

Hi, could you share the full resolution images? They look great, I want to set them as backgrounds.

They are all full resolution. You just need to click on the preview images and then in the bottom left corner you’ll have this:

Well I thought the minimum res was 4k, and my screen is 2240x1400 :frowning:

Oh wait! You are right! The images are downscaled to 1080p and re-encoded to low quality JPG! I thought that the “original” will get the actual original file I uploaded, but that’s not the case.

Sorry. I’ll work on providing the full resolution images then, though it might take me a couple days. I’m also not sure where I’ll host them. Unless I can upload them in ZIP as attachments here.

Allright, here’s a full resolution download for the wallpaper set:



I happen to like the WIP artworks also that you showed and would happily use them as wallpapers.

Not all wallpapers have to be full on graphic images, there are days when a minimal image is just right and I ask can you make available the WIP in full resolution.

Thank You for sharing.

I see :slight_smile: Here you go! WIPs in full resolution as well:


They’re great, appreciate that, Thank You.

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IDK, IIRC i saw this often on the web, but i can fail, let me search. :smiley:
What I mean is that it’s nothing special or new. It’s just a variation of what happens, like under AI.

I can’t guarantee many things in life, but I can guarantee that you haven’t seen these exact images elsewhere before I uploaded them here :stuck_out_tongue:
As for similarity - all art is derivative of the works published that we take in, even subconsciously
Also no AI was used here. ArtIst it AIn’t :wink:


Often seen and no links to verify statement, Hmm
Dust in the wind :face_with_spiral_eyes:


These look really great! Especially the Dark Mode ones are honestly good. I am adding them to my wallpaper shuffle right now (so can I probably get the blender files?)

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Awesome :smiley:
I’m not sure I want to publish the source files just yet, since the competition is still ongoing. Hit me up once it’s all over :slight_smile: