Wallpaper Submission - Lonely Butterfly

The lonely butterfly, emerging from it’s cocoon, reflected on the top wall. This wallpaper emits the vibes of “personal growth”, and a “reflection of me”. I have rendered the Image in 4K despite having a pretty old CPU :sweat_smile:. I have the source .blend file, which I can mail privately if needed. Suggestions for improving the design are welcomed.

As a side note, winning the Framework is not particularly my goal, but even if my wallpaper is included in the system wallpapers, it would be a great thing for me :innocent:

Looks Great, Right?


The Light version

This is low res, just because I didn’t want to wait for 16 minutes. Though I can render if asked

And the Vertical versions



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Omg this is purely awesome!


Really loving the aesthetic of the light one :smiley: The dark one’s reflections could be a bit distracting though, can you try making a variant with it toned down?


Sure, I cranked them up because I thought it’s too much black in the back. Or should I also use another shade than #000000 ??

And I will soon upload a GitHub repo with sources and high res after I finish my other submission

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the one i like most so far

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Thanks @chartmann. I am trying to improve this based on suggestions by the community. Any from your side how you wish it looked + any shortcomings in the butterfly itself + any variants you all wish?

Less distortion
Not completely #000000 (using a #121D1C, shade of light blue)

I am using this color ramp

And colors are procedural, we can have simply amazing variations, like

Note that I have not composited these, so no glare, they are screenshots from viewport


I must say I really like the dark versions. I might even use one of them for myself. Well done :heart:

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Thanks very much @Adda . I am very glad you liked them

Looks so much cleaner now :slight_smile: thanks!


Sources and Versions: https://github.com/HarshNarayanJha/KDE-Plasma-Wallpaper-Submissions/tree/main/Lonely%20Butterfly uploaded