Wallpaper submission: Metagrowth

My third (and first public) submission for the contest. Made with Blender 4.1 alpha.

The previews are very compressed and I can only post one at a time, you can find 5K and 8K resolution, both light and dark (and vertical) here

Great job everyone :slight_smile:


Iā€™m giving this my vote wit an appropriate theme to go with it. Very nice.

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Glad you liked it, thank you very much for the feedback :smiley:

this image is crazy. How did you do these objects, the wool and the bubbles? They are so different

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Thank you for asking. I made everything in Blender, which is capable of a looot of stuff. The shapes are just metaballs and the fuzz is made with geometry nodes, which is basically a node interface for visual programming in Blender

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the artist had tried its best and put a lot of effort to made quality entries for this contest, please dont be like that.

@Bald_Polnareff hi friend, sorry for not getting into this sooner. i hope you wont get discouraged and continue to be a great contributor to opensource someday :slight_smile:

[edit: whoops, looks like the previous post disappeard]


No worries, thank you!

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