Wallpaper Submission: Mount Caustics, Translucent Mirage, Trails

Hello everyone!
These are my 3 submissions for the KDE Plasma 6 wallpaper competition.

I wanted to achieve a clean and modern look by having a uncluttered design with a clear foreground-background distinction. I also wanted the design to be more inclusive, so the “Trails” and “Translucent Mirage” wallpapers are available in 10 color variants based on KDE Plasma accent colors, as well as 5 color pallets from the popular Linux distributions, listed under KDE’s website.

All the wallpapers are available in dark/light and vertical/horizontal variants.

All the design were made using Blender and Krita(for making masks) and are released under CC BY-SA 4.0. The .blend files are available if needed.


Full size images can be downloaded from: GitHub - notgixo/Plasma6Wallpapers: My submissions for the KDE Plasma 6 wallpaper competition.

Available sizes:
Horizontal 5120x X 2880px
Vertical 2160px X 4560px


Images below are just previews, please refer to the Github repo above to see non-compressed versions.

Mount Caustics

Translucent Mirage



All of these are beautiful.

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These are delightful. I love the Trails ones in particular.

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Thanks! I’m thrilled that you like them. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m loving the Trails one as well (also they are all very nice!). Good luck to you.

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Thank you for your kind words. :smile:

Trails backgrounds look great! As a suggestion, perhaps consider talking a look at the default accent colours in Plasma as references for variants. Although, it does already seem like the Trails variants do cover all of those at least.

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Thanks! I am using those exact accent colors from Plasma, but as the wallpapers are 3d renders and I was trying to achieve my design using a glass material with translucency and light scattering, the colors won’t be rendered exactly as they are. I also tried to get closer results to those colors in renders, but made the “Trails” to look a bit dull.
I’m gonna do some color correcting to see if I get any good results.

For brighter background colours, maybe try to use black as a base foreground colour instead of white/grey? Essentially, invert the base colour of the waves.

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I did, but as the lines are using glass-like material, they didn’t look as good. But I’ll definitely give it some more tries to see if I can achieve better results.
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. :smile:

Hmm, could maybe try having a dark-tinted glass material?

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I’ll give it a try. :smile:

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These are all AWESOME. Blurry, rounded edges, abstract, not too flashy.

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They are incredible! Really beautiful! I really liked the Suse Dark variant.

Do you imagine how good looking would be Plasma 6 if they ship with them by default, out of the box?

The only downsize is that it doesn’t looks good on ultra wide resolutions.

Good luck for you.


Thanks for your kind words and your feedback, I really appreciate it. :smile:
I did notice the problem for the wide screens after I uploaded them. I want to try to fix them as well as try new colors for the Trails, but it might take some time as I’m a bit occupied with other stuff at the moment.

Trails and Translucent Mirage are fantastic and (imo) would leave it as is :slight_smile:
Mount Caustics also looks great, but the purple and blue gradient isn’t as soft as the other two wallpapers. Could you try to do another variant with a smoother transition? Thanks!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback. :smile:
I’m going to give it a try to see how it turns out.

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things are clearly developing! love the mounts

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So, I made some modifications to my “Trails” and “Mount Caustics” submissions. They can be found under “Revision 2” folder by this link:

I hope everyone enjoy them as I did making them. Hopefully I get to upload the modified versions of “Translucent Mirage” submission soon.

Here are the previews:

Mount Caustics:


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Some screenshot to demonstrate how they look on the desktop:


Mount Caustics: