Wallpaper Submission - Neon Walk

Original file: (resolution: 5760x3240) (format: png) (size: 46MB)
Link to compressed JPEG image


Now, that’s grumbling about details, not a criticism of the overall work. :slight_smile:

Too much shadow (or something else) on Terminal. :wink:

Then there would be broken parts.


But overall a great idea, I hope this is made with Blender and you still share with us the .blend file, if against all expectations you should not win after all.

Thank you for reviewing this image. The shadow suppose to be gathered water, but it’s not really clear. unfortunately I did not notice this problems until after rendering full resolution image and did not have time to re-render it again. but I will try to fix them.


Water was also my first thought, but the plants drown in it, don’t they? :wink:

Water plant is the solution :smiley:

True, I first added the plants and then added the water without thinking. I will probably remove it completely, it’s not clear anyway.

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I unwrap everything again to fix that pinching effect, and remove the water, and created another image with different colors.

Original file: (resolution: 5760x3240) (format: png) (size: 44MB)



I think if you swap these dice five for a six or the plasma logo … it’s perfect. :slight_smile:

I keep my fingers crossed for you.

Thank you, for taking the time to review this image and for your kind words.

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Link to original full resolution file: Normal Version
Link to original full resolution file: Sun Version