Wallpaper Submission - nextStep

Hello everyone, here’s my attempt at the competition.

name: nextStep
versions: horizontal and vertical
modes: light and dark
size: 5k (5120x2880)
colors: coral, green and blue
total variants: 4 horizontal light, 4 horizontal dark, 4 vertical light and 4 vertical dark
made in: blender 3D

here is the link to all the images.

have a look and let me know what you think.

I had a lot of fun building this wallpaper, I like this kind of challenge. Peace :smile:


I like the concept, well done !

One small critic :
The Dark version might be a little to dark, it’s hard to see the different “steps” which make the wallpaper a bit weird.

(That’s just a personnal opinion :slight_smile:)

Thanks for answering. :slightly_smiling_face:

it was intentional, I really like the contrast between the light and dark modes.

for this wallpaper, I used the motto: “go big or go home”.

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