Wallpaper submission: No brainer

No brainer: darkmode: mobileview

No brainer: darkmode

No brainer: lightmode: mobileview

No brainer: lightmode


First of all, amazing job ! I really love this style, and I think this would also work really really well with different color.

Now here are some small critics:

Not a huge fan of the bottom part for the mobile view, it’s a bit to long I think. And it almost looks like it doesn’t belong with the rest.

And for the “classic” view, it looks like it’s just cut off at the bottom, that looks weird imo.

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Hmmmm. I like it. I don’t think it fits with the philosophy of KDE, but it still makes a good wallpaper.

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I was trying to get the Brain and heart. You might be right about som inballance…

I don’t realy know KDE philosophy, so you’r probably right :blush:

I get the idea. Both the brain and the hearth are really well done.

I’m just not sure about the way they’re linked together. But to be honest, I can’t really explain why I found that weird and so I can’t really help you :confused:

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Yea, sometimes a hunch matters :blush:
I might give it another try. Thanks for the support!


I like this but personally (for my own desktop) I think a slightly glowing greenish look for the dark wallpaper would be way cooler :slight_smile:


If the heart shape was more distinguishable as a heart maybe re-arrange the pieces just a little then you got it.

First impression Wow that’s crazy cool 'Love It"

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Just saved the two desktop size images
THEN lightbulb moment , the mobile view dark was in new tab (addon FF- Dark Background and Light Text) and why not suggest a desktop version of both mobileviews with new heart now that I would like to see = extend the background (extra layer) out to desktop size.

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Thanks for the input. I just been to busy. I could send you the svg if you like to move them around in inkscape.

I have being told that I’ve got work that has to be done by end of year,
So thanks for the offer but with the works that I have to finish , Sorry.

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