Wallpaper Submission - Plasmamorphism

Here i present a representation of some Plasma elements with glasmorphism in a wallpaper pack that i call Plasmamorphism. Made using blender 3.6 :smile:

This is the Widescreen Dark Version:

Light Version

Portrait Light

Portrait Dark

Link to the high-res files and .blend files: Link


Any feedback is very welcome and i hope that you like it, sorry for any writing/grammar errors as english is not my native language

This is how it looks in my desktop


Nothing wrong with your writing/grammar, seems fine,
back to topic any plans to make some more with other floating objects could be . . 0h . . . better not write them down here someone else could take those ideas and make them wallpapers before you get a chance to, cannot have that happen :exploding_head:

Thanks for the link.


I would suggest trying out a dark gray or near black background for the dark version. Even that small splash of white is too much for a dark mode user. Otherwise, awesome design!

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thanks for the suggestion, ill try to make a better dark or darker version :smile:

could it be like this? (beware low quality render ahead)
Modified the shader so a different principled bsdf is seen on camera, meanwhile the light one is used for object reflections, so the glass spheres look clear.

Yeah, I think something like that could work

Hi, i re-rendered all images with agx and some shader settings. All blend files with the high res images are at link in the first post. Here are the previews, hope you like it.


Oh wow you have been busy, the 3rd (third) grey ticks the boxes with good amount of shadowing, just right as they say.
Thanks for sharing.

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You’re welcome :smile: i’m glad you like it

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