Wallpaper Submission: Ranok

Sometimes I wake up early, and sometimes I go to bed early in the morning as well :sweat_smile: This is my minimalist drawing of the very early and beautiful morning I sometimes see, with the moon still up in the sky.

The name is Ukrainian for “morning” — ранок or “ranok”.

Philosophically, there is no dark theme — I see it both after a good sleep, and after a good night at the computer.

As for the mobile version — just use the center part, cutting out unused horizontal space. This can be adapted, it necessary.

The source for this piece is an .html file with the use of embedded CSS. Screenshot it in any headless browser, at any resolution. It should work at different aspect ratios as well.


The wallpaper looks best in the actual use. Full resolution images here.

I like this one very much. Very simple and a nice color palette. Using it as my wallpaper now, thank you!

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You’re very welcome! I have been using it for quite some time, and it has really grown on me.

it’s rare to see people drawing with code, not a pencil, mouse or something.

extraordinary :+1:

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Thanks! I’m not really an artist, so I do what I can :grin: The idea goes back to @niccolove when we did Plasma 5.25 promo with HTML&CSS and he animated it using headless Chromium and animation timing hacks. Here’s the video (I did the “Overview” bit at the beginning). Here’s Nicco’s explanation video.

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thats cool. its like modifying bytecodes in image itself by hand but in more practical and reproducible manner.

im myself actually are bad coding. we all sure had our expertise and our short in something, nothing to be ashamed or brag about. just be ourself :grin:

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