Wallpaper Submission - Refresh (Late)

Uploading two versions since I’m not sure which one I liked the most, guess it doesn’t matter now.

So, as I was rendering this a thought crossed my head, I was at the end of the deadline hour but what if the deadline wasn’t on my timezone and I read it wrong, as it turns out, I was right, I’m past the deadline but I already made this and honestly have no idea what to do with it now so… uh… might as well just upload this anyways, I’d lose more not doing so.

As for the wallpaper itself, I decided to use elements from several KDE designs, cyan and white cold tones similar to Breeze, and bluish cold colors used to invoke the sense of freshness. I wanted to represent Plasma’s customization through the use of textures on the pillars and the sphere, with the block in the middle representing the sturdy basis of KDE, nothing sturdier than a giant metal block!

It’s also pretty simple, and I left some white space on it so it doesn’t get in the way of the user’s icons but also because to me the white space on wallpapers serve to make the PC experience feel less claustrophobic.

I also may have gotten a bit inspired after seeing a Bryce3D video.

(Also, you may have noticed that the whole thing is actually the Plasma logo but seen from the side)