Wallpaper Submission - Scattered Triangles

Here is my submission for the wallpaper competition. I made this to test out using Inkscape for making desktop wallpapers and I hope to have more submissions for this competition.

Suggestions are more than welcome!


Here is a dark version


I think all having all kinds of different colors in the triangles is a bit overpowering. What if instead the background was different shades of white/black and the triangles were different shades of KDE blue?

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Something like this?


Yes, exactly! I feel like focusing the color down to a few shades really gives the image good contrast. Or something like that, I don’t know color theory lol.

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This looks better! :slight_smile:

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like the basic idea! how about decolorizing the KDE logo (as the rest is already very colorful)? to either black or white