Wallpaper Submission - Simple in Pieces, Solid as a Whole

Hi everyone!

Here’s my idea for a wallpaper. It should work with dark mode, and if you rotate it clockwise, it could still work vertically although that’s not my original intent.

On the right is a solid rectangle while on the left are simple squares, and in the middle is where the squares build up to the whole.

To me this is like plasma. Plasma is a solid environment, but you can dig deep into settings and find all sorts of little tweaks to make it your own. Everyone’s plasma is a bit different, but it’s always awesome, and just like the squares it finds a way to fit into any scenario.

Oh, and fun fact! This wallpaper was made in Inkscape, which, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a FOSS vector graphics program


Not bad, maybe also do one using the default KDE colors?

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That’s a great idea.

I’m partial to a dark wallpaper even with a light theme, so that’s what I made, but I like this version too!


Dude this looks amazing, shoutout fr.


Both the light and the dark wallpapers look amazing!


This deserves to be included in plasma 6 even if not as the default. i can’t stop looking at it. there is a certain charm to it that pleases my eyes.

it also deserves a proper vertical version, can you make another one with a rotated plasma logo if you have any free time? it would be very nice. i would actually start to use this on my phone


I can see that for the default after install.

Here’s the vertical:

NOTE: I just edited the exports in GIMP to rotate the logos, so I don’t have the .svgs at the moment