Wallpaper Submission - Simple Paint

This is my first wallpaper submission, I tried to create something simple and clean.

Original File: (resolution: 5760x3240) (format: png) (size: 32.4MB)
Link to compressed JPEG image


Link to original full resolution file

Oh wow. I just signed up to say this is an incredibly beautiful piece of work. I absolutely love it!

I’ll save it for a personal wallpaper. Is this shot in France?

I think it is made with Blender :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this is a render. May I ask why France?

Because that’s how I feel French design is :slight_smile:

Delicate, fresh, classy, elegant, minimalistic and natural.

Your render is fantastic. It’s beautiful, it’s clear, it’s relaxing, it’s refreshing. It evokes me of liberty, of a summer without preocupations. The blue stripes, they’re not straight, not even close, and that makes it imperfect, natural.

I love it.

Oh God…

Renders these days are so good it’s getting super tough to identify what’s a render and what’s an actual shot.

Mind you, I’m not even old (will be 30 next year, currently 29), but I remember back 10/15 years ago when I was a geek and we didn’t really have these levels of perfection.


I see, that’s a nice description, and it made me think that I might have chosen the wrong name for this image. I am glad that you like it.

I thought it was a photo as well.

Me three!

Wild how realistic it looks.

Me four! I thought it was a photo too!

And my ability to discern render from reality a bit above average, due to using Blender myself (albeit, I am not a pro at it).

It’s a keeper.
Just downloaded the original full resolution file and on close up into view, the attention to detail of the lumps, bumps and cracks in the wall, excellent work with the shadows, that all adds up to give out the warmth and realism.

Beautiful Art.
Thank You for sharing

Suggestion the same image during a full moon, plants take on a very different colouring ?

Thank you for the compliments and suggestion, I tried different lighting but liked this version more so didn’t render other one. I will render that version and maybe another one with moon light, if I can.

It was only a suggestion I do know how projects can be demanding when time is at a premium :persevere:

I appreciate it, in fact, because of your suggestion, I re-examined this image and found other problems that need to be fixed, so it was really helpful.

Don’t fall into the artists category of being your own harshest critic/critique.


I agree, but there is still time to try and fix the problems, if I can.

I added more leaf and tried a new lighting.

Link to original file

Link to original file


Wow I’m not usually lost with words, but wow that is soo beautiful !

Edit _forget the full moon, this has just got ‘real’.