Wallpaper submission: Skybox

hello! i wanna show my first entry for the wallpaper sharing :3

while i don’t yet have a night mode version of this just yet, i do have a second composition which i used Blender to make. tried to make a dark varsion but so far all i got was oversaturated colors and a misaligned camera. i did however manage to make it so that the raster is kinda turned into a filter one can use to upscale this image later, so feel free to request the file if you wanna have a try at it. the krita file ended up almost 100MB because of a dumb mistake i don’t know to fix.

here’s version B for Blender (hah).

for some reason i’m not able to send either of the images in their full resolution, i need a guide ^^’

edit: i got the link, let me know if this works ^^


For large files, you will probably have to link to them on a host.

i got a link up! ty for telling me ^^

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